Zenfire Guitar Picks

Zenfire copper and brass guitar picks. Handcrafted from solid Phosphor Bronze (copper alloy), and Hard 'Bell' Brass. Zenfire picks are super long-wearing, beautiful, tone-enhancing, and ergonomically beneficial. Individually handmade in the USA, Zenfire picks are true boutique quality at very affordable prices.


Fully beveled and polished edges provide clarity, articulation, and smooth string to string transition.

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zero slip

The Zenfire Zero-slip Grip™ is the most aggressive surface available. Yet is still very comfortable to hold. Hand, wrist, and finger tension is greatly reduced. Grips are easily removable and replaceable.


Ultra unique guitar picks handmade from solid Phosphor Bronze or Pure Hard Brass. Each guitar pick is handmade without the assistance of powered machinery. Every pick truly speaks for itself in functionality, tone and craftsmanship.

Original Music / Listen to original music by Dave Woods, creator of Zenfire Guitar Picks

"After 40 years of playing guitar I have not found another pick that works as well, feels as great, lasts as long, and keeps me as eager to practice and play as the very picks I created for myself."
"I have been handcrafting these very picks for myself and close friends for over 30 years, and now I'm proud to offer to you, what I feel is the most functional, toneful, and playable pick available. At any price.

-David C. Woods, Creator of Zenfire Picks

Better Materials = Better Tone

Zenfire's superior tone and picking ease lie in the composition and thickness of the materials and fine hand beveling of the pick edges and tip. Pure Phosphor Bronze is an inherent "tone material". This is the same material used to coat acoustic guitar strings!

Zenfire's .020 Phosphor Bronze picks are rigid, bright but natural toned, long wearing and exceptionally fast picks. The definition and toughness are second to none!

Zenfire also offers picks crafted from .032 Hard "Bell" Brass. This beautiful and tone enhancing material creates a heavier pick with a darker voice. Also a tough, rigid and long-wearing material, the tones are seductive, warm and articulate.

The combination of these materials with fine hand beveling and Zenfire Zero-slip Grips™, makes for a set of truly NEW picks, capable of taking your tone and technique to the next level and beyond. Zenfire picks are highly functional and highly addictive.

Zero-slip Grip™

The Zenfire Zero-slip Grips™ are the perfect solution for slippery picks! The adhesive-backed, aggressively textured pads ELIMINATE slippage! As well as being ergonomically beneficial, they are also very comfortable, allowing you to practice and play longer with less fatigue. Zero-slip Grips will not wear out or fall off, even under extreme conditions, yet are easily removable if desired.

Available in 2 sizes, 5/8" for small picks and 11/16" for medium to large picks. A choice of black or yellow is offered. Black grips hide the dirt. Yellow grips are bright and easy to spot if dropped or misplaced. Zero-slip Grips turn any smooth surface plectrum into a much more functional and playable pick.

A Craftsman's Guarantee

Every Zenfire pick is handmade using no powered or automated machinery. Each pick is hand cut and filed to finish specifications. The edges and tip are meticulously beveled, tapered and polished for smooth "string to string" transition.

No Zenfire pick will ship that I would not personally use. I spend a great deal of time crafting these picks, hopefully for the enjoyment of other players. Pride of craftsmanship is in each and every pick. I will not ship an inferior or damaged product.

American Flag Zenfire picks are handmade with pride in the United States of America.